Personal Tarot Reading *online or irl



From the Wizard of Oz comes Glenda the Good Witch in all her glory. Like Dorthy and Toto, the artist, Sam Miller Gott, was born in a small farmhouse in the midst of Kansas wheat fields and prairie flowers. Thank you Grammy!

Whether you’re Stateside or in Oz, Sam offers a special reading for you or your loved one. No strange little man behind the curtain here, no sir. Sam is Woman Reader Extraordinaire!


Like Glenda, Toto and Dorthy, the artist has harnessed pink glittering magic and made a set of one-off Tarot cards for your personalised reading online or irl (in real life)

Readings usually last one hour

A reading can consist of the following:
1. A general life reading
2. More specific. An idea, thought, line of inquiry, etc.
3. A very specific reading

Readings are done with a star chart, specialised for you or whoever the lucky duck you’re gifting a Tarot reading to

The artist is not responsible for readings the customer purchases. Additionally, the artist is not responsible for any events happening previously, during or after the reading

This purchase is for customers wanting an authentic artistic tarot reading. Doubters and Wicked Witches need not purchase. Only those following the yellow (or rose gold if you prefer) brick road

Customers will be contacted after purchase to discuss reading details

Please email with serious inquiries only


More about the reading:

Sam Miller Gott first delved the art of Tarot in late 2015, having only dabbled here and there previously in the ancient and time honoured craft. Sam honed her reading skills after making a set of cards as a one off art interactive art piece.

The set of cards are repurposed Lexicon game cards found tucked away in a small charity shop in Garstang, England after a sunny full fry-up veggie breakfast and a potter around the shops.

Sam is an avid flea market, boot sale (garage sale), charity and thrift shopper of 30+ years. In 2014, her trained charity shop treasure finding eye spotted this gem of a set and got them for a good old fashioned bargain. Her Yorkshire relatives would be proud - they turn in their grave if a bargain is not made.

Keeping them with her over the next year, she travelled with them through East Asia and Europe where they finally came to rest in America. For now.

Using art book pages of famous artworks, tram receipts, pages from Gentlewoman (an amazing magazine) and other special papers collected and carried from around the world, Sam merged the two special papers (the playing card and art paper) forming what now her sacred set of Tarot cards.

The deck consists of 51 cards, each with an image, number, word and symbol. Sam reads these four signs in your personal Tarot reading. The deck is kept carefully with the artist ensuring your reading is as accurate as possible.

OCD anyone? Great because Sam is too and if you’re more the flowery glowing hippie, no worries, Sam will embrace your energy and questions ensuring you love your reading.

Sam is a Scorpio in both moon and sun making her a little Scorpion Sorceress. Mars (traditionally) and Pluto (Planet of Freaks and Geeks) are Scorpios’ ruling planets which means readings are performing with all the passion only Scorpios can muster.

Winter of 2015 was a transitional year as Mercury was in Retrograde in Aquarius when the cards first came to be. This year we are finally coming out of a three year diabolical planet situation in terms of public spheres (politically, internationally, social media, etc.) which is good news for clearer more-balanced readings.

Moon and sun phases are carefully considered in your reading as they wax and wane with different possibilities and perspectives. It is no laughing matter when it comes to planets as they rule our homosapien sapien water based and ruled bodies. This is the age of Aquarius after all.

The Water Bearer of the sky, Aquarius, beckons us to put out our healing and powerful Amethyst, Hematite, Garnet and Amber or swim in the ocean. So break out some of your grandmother’s jewellery or run and jump off the nearest dock because this is the time to do it. Just make sure your life vest is securely fastened as 2018 isn’t going to be all easy sailing.

Full and new moons, eclipses and aligning planets all make for interesting reading during your session. No stone, gem or card is left unturned during your reading as you’ll see.