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MIA || MADE IN AMERICA || M@d3|N@M3r|k@
A Nation In Trauma

This purchases allows you access to the thesis exhibition by the artist Sam Miller Gott.

When: Friday, April 27th 2018

Where: Wichita, Kansas USA

Who: You and your friends, family with the artist Sam Miller Gott.
Bertrand and Rosalind will also be present; they are furry four legged feline creatures so please be mindful of allergies.

What: We are a nation in trauma. All of us, black, white, poor, rich, 'legal', 'illegal', (or any label placed upon us by society) are experiencing national trauma with the decline of our imperialistic nation within the world's power structure and shifts within global powers and its pains of change, affecting each individual within the United States.

Returning to her motherland, America, in August 2015 the artist crash landed into a country she no longer recognised, a more-than-suspect election of a man-child; nor was she able to operate within the boundaries of the continental 48 states. Essentially America is currently another foreign land she is painstakingly traversing.

Made In America, A Nation In Trauma examines her unique individual view of America.

You will be contacted after purchase to arrange your viewing. Along with your ticket you will have the opportunity to select a one-off Polaroid signed and dated by the artist.


MIA Statement

Within my work runs a common thread of โ€˜the otherโ€™โ€“the other to myself or myself as other, those on the peripheral. Within this peripheral position there is a lack of power that causes silence or one to be silenced. Isolation possesses both an opportunity for a disparate view, an alternate approach and a particular interpretation of experiences, materials and modes but also leaves one open to ignorance, misunderstanding and abuse.

Examining my station of isolation within the power structure, I am able to find a way to communicate and a window is opened to those looking at my particular circumstance. By looking at and with those around me in the same tethered situation, I better understand my own state as well as further realize theirs. Many occupy this position of marginalization and discrimination to varying degrees. Through collaborating with the marginalized community, my own perspective is expanded and together we find commonality and strength within our powerlessness. I cannot speak for those who are powerless or other but my single voice of sincerity and searching adds to the choir of individual voices that twine into an intensified chorus. Those in power may be within a position of other themselves or the ones making the rules. Regardless, we all eventually meet the same end, stripping power from powerful and powerless alike.

Although, those in power have the ability to prolong death comparatively, death is the ultimate unifier. Taking this view, the other is able to operate within that knowledge understanding that alienation can be inverted and constraints offer the space for the new.



Today, your life is not seen to exist unless it has been photographed and posted on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. Alternative Stories is a video series that combines images with spoken word fabricated from my own experiences, othersโ€™ and imagined. Polaroids are specifically chosen as they are an immediate snippet of time similar to images made with phones. However, Polaroids live in the physical world whereas images on screens often stay within their making. This medium is fast, an altered view and tells a particular story; a narrative through my eyes. These videos are a self declaration in conversation with what is being consumed through screens en masse.